About Anat Eyal

abot_anatAnat Eyal is an Israeli jewelry designer whose innovative creations mirror nature's landscapes.
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Anat Eyal, born in 1963, grew up in a home where art soon became her second language.
Her father owned a large ceramics factory, so, as a youngster she experienced and absorbed the craftsmanship and creative magic of his workshop and studio, quickly learning how to treat materials, use techniques, and respect art in general with a genuine approach.  It was only natural that Anat would study art in High School and later advance into graphic design and design layout for exhibitions, events and museums and eventually design, create, and handcraft her own distinctive collections of jewelry.

How did a graphic designer move into jewelry design? Over 15 years ago, by chance, Anat discovered and fell in love with the wonders of glass processing and its techniques. So, always looking to improve and advance her artistry, she set about mastering working and designing with glass. Her new knowledge and eventual expertise led her to develop her own unique glass processing techniques together with becoming skilled at silver and gold-crafting and working with other select materials and metals.

Anat’s artistic drive to discover different ways of combining and sculpting materials and perfecting her techniques pushes her to keep creating and designing and producing matchless, handcrafted collections.  Her ideas and directions for her designs are forever evolving and developing both in creativity and in processing skills.  Each of Anat’s hand-made pieces of jewelry is like a world unto itself, an experience that reflects her pursuit of beauty, passion for nature and consummate attention to detail.

Many have experienced and treasured select items from Anat's collections, amongst them, Michael Bloomberg, the Mayor of New York, Ed Koch, the former Mayor of New York, and Hillary Clinton.
Anat Eyal's collections, viewed as being innovative and unique, can also be found for sale in museum shops around the world.