The Artistic Process

From Anat Eyal
As an artist and jewelry designer and maker, it is important for me to involve you in my work process so you may understand the level of artistry involved in creating each of my pieces.
I achieve the high level of quality and accuracy and splendor in the jewelry you view and choose by using only the best materials and by sculpting my glass and gold beads individually through a long and complex process involving lampwork bead-making that has taken me years to develop and perfect. When selecting one of my pieces of jewelry you are choosing to buy a truly unique, handcrafted item. Here is a little information about my sculpting and my jewelry making process.

The raw materials for the sculpting are glass rods.

The Sculpting Process:

Phase 1: To form my unique shades, I create glass rods according to my design by melting and blending existing glass rods.

Phase 2: I prepare fire-resistant stainless-steel skewers on which I sculpt the beads.
During the process, I dip the skewers into different powders, these powders prevent the melted glass formation from sticking to the stainless-steel skewers.
The thickness of the skewer determines the size of the bead’s hole.

Phase 3: I melt the glass rods, prepared earlier, on the stainless steel skewers. Using a slow, gradual process, I wrap the soft glass around the skewer layer by layer and so form the unique textures.
In this process I work with a burner with a strong, high-heat flame, created by using oxygen and gas in changing pressures.

Phase 4: After sculpting the bead, creating the textures and shaping its final form, I embed the 23k golden leaves on top of the hot bead using a high-heat flame.

Phase 5: Next, I let the newly sculpted bead rest in a special material for a few hours until it reaches room temperature.

Phase 6: Once the bead has cooled completely which may take about 8 hours it is taken off the metal skewer and goes through processes of burning and polishing, which eventually gives it a matte finish.
The gold leaves are not polished and go through a process of protective finishing.

Every bead goes through the same handcrafted, individual process.

I hope you find your perfect piece and enjoy the experience I have created…

With Best Regards, Anat Eyal